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Azure: An Ever-Evolving Platform

heroWith the sheer number of new Azure subscriptions being sold every month, the odds are always increasing that the next job you take will have you working on the Microsoft Azure platform. Beyond learning how to manage resources in the world’s most popular cloud, you’ll also need to learn how to keep up with the rapid pace of advancement in this industry-leading environment.

Make the “learning curve” your friend.

Many consider the learning curve to be the great big hurdle between their company and getting value out of their latest investments in information management. They love all the features and capabilities, but know that they first have to have someone learn how to use all of them before they start returning on the investment.

Stay on the Curve – Be the Hero

What you don’t want to do is try to be the “jack-of-all-trades” when everyone is looking for masters. You want to focus on one platform that you can be a known expert in. With Microsoft selling tens of thousands of new Azure subscriptions every month, that makes an excellent platform to choose. When you know how to provision new virtual machines (VMs) quickly and configure them optimally to perform required tasks, you become that all important bridge to value that companies are seeking, their IT hero.

Just make sure you remain that hero.

In January 2018 alone Microsoft introduced Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewalls for Azure Storage, .NET Core 2.0 support for App Service on Linux, Azure Network Watcher and Azure DNS in Microsoft Azure Government, new Python solutions for Web App for Containers, region expansion for Global VNet Peering, changes in Mercury DB and Titan DB service plans, Service tags for NSGs, Azure Backup support for BEK-encrypted Azure virtual machines, augmented rules for NSGs, a public preview of Application security groups in all regions, version updates for PHP on App Service, expanded options for accessing Cloud Shell and new changes to the subscription directory in the Azure portal.

Lots to keep up with.

Why You Chose Tech

Remember that you chose Tech as a career in part because there’s always something new to learn, and this has never been more the case than in the cloud. Companies are clamoring for trained, certified specialists who can extract the most value out of their Azure investments, and keep on finding new ways to extract even more value. When you are that specialist who is constantly recommending new ways to bring more value, more profit to the company’s bottom line, that fuels your growth and increased income on a constant basis.


Build Your Foundation

Start building the foundation of your Hero status at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. Once you’ve consumed the core Azure curriculum you’ll be ready to plug into the torrent of information and new functionality constantly coming out of Microsoft, making you the key resource so many companies are seeking as they embrace the cloud.

Posted on 2/1/18 2:15 PM by Get Schooled in Azure

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