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Big Data: Bigger is Better and More Powerful Than Ever

Bigger is Better and More Powerful Than EverBig data. How many times have you heard this? “Too many” is probably what you are thinking, but “not enough” is really where your head needs to be. Let’s just hope it’s not the first.

The times, they are a-changing.
The working world and digital landscapes are evolving at an exponential rate. Companies of all shapes and sizes are no longer simple computer stores or cable providers hoping you call their number from the billboard you saw. Instead, these businesses are transcending into hoarders of unbelievably large accumulations of data and discovering more and more ways to use that to their advantage. But, what is “big data” and why is it more important than ever?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), big data is “data of a very large size, typically to the extent that its manipulation and management present significant logistical challenges.” In simpler terms, big data refers to the any collection of data (predictive, user behavior or any other advanced data analytics) that is too massive and complex for traditional management or applications tools to process. Big data is characterized by the way it observes and tracks information, how its readily available in real-time and by its ability to span a variety of applications in business and technology. Coming to existence in the 1990’s, revitalized in 2008 and now bigger and badder than ever, big data is trending quicker than people anticipated.

Next, let’s break down big data in two very similar, yet very unique technology segments, because big data impacts distinctive job roles differently.

For the IT professional:
You already get it. Big data is another part of your everyday vernacular. You might be one of the data scientists harvesting and constantly analyzing such intricate sets of information; or maybe you’re a developer designing the platforms necessary to capture all of the data your team needs. Even though you’re aware that we are dealing with data in the tera- and petabyte sizes these days, you still get excited about its never-ending potential and the impact it could (and should) have on your company.

Yearning to learn more? New Horizons offers multiple courses and certifications to align you with cloud and big data movement.

For the end user or office professional:
So, this is where the similar, yet unique part of the big data landscape comes into play. Multifaceted data technologies such as Microsoft Azure or SQL Server might be too much for what you need. For example, let’s say you have a database of people’s demographic information including age, sex and race, or you recently held a raffle and need to input names, email addresses and phone numbers. Now that you have all of this information stored in something like an Excel spreadsheet, what the next move? How will you analyze this?

Ready for the next step? New Horizons has the exact solutions you need to analyze, store or interpret your data.

Crystal Reports

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Microsoft Excel Formulas and Charts

Microsoft Power BI

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