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Microsoft's Exchange 2013, Office 365 provide big software capabilities

Microsoft's Exchange 2013 and Office 365 have included a range of new features that will benefit small businesses and larger companies alike. The software gives small companies that may not be able to afford their own IT department a platform that will always work. It can also be installed in up to five devices, so it's cost-effective as well.

"With Office 365, everyone from large enterprises to small businesses to individual consumers can now benefit from the power of Office and the connectivity of the cloud," said Microsoft Office Division president Kurt DelBene. "This release unlocks new scenarios and delivers capabilities that far surpass anything available in browser-only solutions."

One of the new features that sets this software apart, wrote Ars Technica, allows users to peek into email messages and attached documents and then flag, block or forward them. This data loss prevention technology is typically much more expensive, so Office 365 makes it more accessible for organizations that haven't previously had the money or knowledge to monitor employee email.

One of the biggest assets of this new feature is that it's easier to detect when users are sending credit card information or other content that shouldn't be sent over email. It's simple for administrators to configure rules and security features to monitor these kinds of issues. Another rule allows the rerouting of inbound email from one mailbox to another based on the sender, keywords or other content. Filters can also be used to prevent certain kinds of data from being sent, even if it's compressed.

But, as Ars Technica pointed out, while these rules work most of the time, they aren't always consistent and don't prevent data from being stolen over email. If users are accessing Exchange 2013 or Office 365 from multiple locations, then the rules don't work as consistently. Companies should continue to use other network security and monitoring software.

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