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Using the chart tool in Microsoft Word 2010

When you are creating a document in Microsoft Word, you may want to add some kind of visual element like a chart. Instead of creating a chart in another design based program, you can use the chart tool in Word. When you insert a chart, you will automatically see a second window appear on your screen. Microsoft Excel will automatically open so that you can edit the data that will be displayed in your chart. For those of you who are Microsoft Word users, you may not need to use Excel very often. And for those of you that are Excel users, you may not need to use Word very often. The great thing about adding charts is that it works with both programs and makes it very easy to understand.

When you edit the data in the Excel window, it translates into a chart inside of the Word window. There is no need to create a chart in another program. You can now use two of your Office applications at the same time to add a new visual element to your Word document. You also still have the ability to open the Excel window and edit the data to update your chart.

All you need to do is find your point of insertion in your Word document, click on the Insert tab of your ribbon, and choose chart. Once you choose your chart type, it will open Excel and place it side by side with your Word application window. Then, you can edit your chart. Anytime you are selected on your chart in the Word application window, your chart tools contextual tab will appear at the top of your ribbon. It will give you all of your options to format your chart.

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