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Get your non-printing slugs to print

Get your non-printing slugs to print (InDesign CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5)

A slug is an area on the pasteboard in an InDesign document in which you can type comments to your printer, coworkers, etc. You can specify slug parameters in the Bleed And Slug pane of the New Document dialog box as you create a new document. The only problem is that the slug area is typically non-printing and trimmed. There is, however, a way to get a slug to print.

To print the slug area:

  • Choose File > Print, or press [command]P ([Ctrl]P in Windows), to open the Print dialog box.
  • Click on Marks And Bleed in the list box and select the Include Slug Area check box.
  • Set the remaining Print options as usual, and then click Print.
  • Depending on your printer and document size, you may also need to select the Scale To Fit option button on the Setup panel in the Print dialog box.

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