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What are the best jobs in America?

According to an article I just read at, 3 of the top 10 jobs in America are positions New Horizons offers specialized training for. Check out the list:

  1. Systems Engineer
  2. Physicians Assistant
  3. College Professor
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. Information Technology Project Manager
  6. Certified Public Accountant
  7. Physical Therapist
  8. Computer/Network Security Consultant
  9. Intelligence Analyst
  10. Sales Director
  11. Anesthesiologist
  12. Software Developer
  13. Pharmacist
  14. Occupational Therapist
  15. Nurse Anesthetist

Here's the link to the rest of the Top 50 Best Jobs in America compiled by Donna Rosato with Beth Braverman and Alexis Jeffries, Money Magazine.

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