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If you haven't heard of Delicious, today's your lucky day. Lucky, because I'm introducing you to it, and it will change your life.

What is Delicious?
It's an online bookmarking application. It was built for people like me who have 112 "favorites" on their laptop that are ESSENTIAL to their daily lives. But then your laptop dons the blue screen of death and IT gives you a loner, or you want to check on something at home and don't remember the url for your partner's sales portal, or you have a new person at your company and want to give them a list of sites they should know.

Delicous lets you mark your favorites, share them with friends, and check out bookmark lists of peers and associates- and you can do all of this from any computer with web access! Not to mention it's a great way to search the web. Each bookmared item is marked with identifier tags, so if you want to learn about underwater basketweaving, seach Delicious, and you're bound to find a link that someone else has already bookmarked, and if they've taken the time to do that, it's likely quality content, so you don't waste time wading through search engines.

I have a personal list of bookmarks, which I won't share, but check out this list, and then start your own!

Posted on 2/4/09 10:06 AM by Get Schooled in Delicious, in social media, in tips and tricks

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