Cisco Careers – The Fundamentals, Networking & CyberSecurity, Are Still Most Important

Posted on 8/14/18 8:00 AM by New Horizons in Cisco

With all of the innovation taking place in their company, two of the highlights from Cisco Live are that fundamental Networking is more important than ever, and CyberSecurity is a foundational skill in every Cisco environment. This is valuable career information for those building their path in tech. 

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Display a live Twitter Feed in an HTML email by automating a dynamic image (HTML)

Posted on 8/10/18 10:45 AM by Get Schooled in emails, in html

These days, print newspapers are regularly deemed irrelevant because the information they contain is “old news” by the time they hit the press. Unfortunately, email is experiencing a similar crisis. Emails containing Twitter feeds are especially vulnerable.

Since a Twitter feed is constantly changing, attaching a static screenshot of that feed to an email and sending it your list is like driving a new car off the dealer’s lot— the moment it’s out the door, its value drops significantly.

To solve this problem, developers have created clever work arounds. One great solution is to build a simple web page containing the embedded Twitter feed; then, automate the page to take a new screenshot of the feed every 10 seconds or so with a command utility tool such as Wkhtmltoimage ( In this way, the image being called to display in the email will dynamically update and never be more than 10 seconds old.

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Overlay text on images with CSS to increase site optimization (Web Design)

Posted on 8/10/18 10:41 AM by Get Schooled in CSS, in SEO, in web developer

Do you cherry pick non-web-safe fonts when you’re looking for some visual variation? Take note: The web design process is smoother if you don’t. For front-end website developers, designs with custom fonts that are unusable online have to be merged into a single image, which is not beneficial for site optimization.

When front-end developers opt to use images with the text overlay included in the graphic, it saves a lot of time and effort because the developer does not have to create the additional styles to ensure that the text remains in the correct position and displays a consistent font. However, this shortcut does not do the website or user any favors in the long run.

Solution: To increase site optimization, use web-safe fonts in the design process and CSS to overlay text on images instead of as a single graphic. Not only does this make the text readable by search engines, but it also creates a more fluid experience for those accessing the site from a mobile device.

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Check security logs to verify unauthorized physical login attempts (Windows 10)

Posted on 8/9/18 9:55 AM by Get Schooled in windows 10

If you suspect someone with physical access to your computer system is attempting to log in without authorization, the security logs are a dependable treasure trove of evidence. If you think the hacker knows your login information, first change the password to something more secure. Next time, they try to log in with the old password, it will be noted in the security log. The same applies for previous failed attempts.

View the security log by navigating to Windows Logs > Security. In the Windows event viewer, search the Event ID for the code “4625”. This is the marker for failed login attempts on your account. If you mis-typed your own password, that will register here as a failed login attempt, so in reading these records, look for failed login attempts that are unusual. The “4625” codes that you didn’t create yourself are confirmation that someone tried to access your computer without authorization.

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Go into CONFIG mode to successfully clear ACL hit count with command (CISCO)

Posted on 8/9/18 9:39 AM by Get Schooled in Cisco, in Technical Training and Certification

Clearing the access-list (ACL) counters is similar to resetting the trip odometer on your car and provides a clean slate for future reports. When making changes to the configuration, starting the ACL counters at zero grants more reliable data in relation to the current changes. A reset command must be performed within the CONFIG mode in order to restart that counter, or it won’t work. 

To reset the ACL, type the command: “clear access-list counters” in CONFIG mode. Results for the ACL command are now cleared. Use the command: “clear int ethernet0” to clear counters in the interface. It might seem more natural to perform these commands within enable mode, but this only works in CONFIG.

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Communicating Across Your Organization

Posted on 8/7/18 8:00 AM by New Horizons

The most important thing anyone ever does in any company is something everyone does all the time.

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Enable Smoothing for greater brush painting control (Photoshop 2018)

Posted on 7/31/18 9:05 AM by New Horizons in photoshop, in tips and tricks

If you’ve ever tried to draw with the brush tool—yes, even with a stylus—you know how cumbersome and unforgiving Photoshop can be. CC 2018’s Smoothing feature makes this task a lot easier. When you paint with Smoothing enabled, you’ll notice a pink guide, also called a string, that runs from the painted stroke to your brush tip. This string plays a crucial part in the tool’s functionality.

Select the Brush tool (or Pencil, Mixer Brush, or Eraser tool) from the Tools panel and set your color and brush tip options. The Smoothing option is enabled by default. Adjust the Smoothing slider (from 0, which is no smoothing, to 100 which is maximum smoothing) on the tool Options bar to change the amount Photoshop smoothens the stroke. Then, click on the gear icon next to the Smoothing slider to choose from the different smoothing options:

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Use this key command to lock page elements (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Posted on 7/27/18 9:25 AM by New Horizons in Illustrator

Making a selection and moving page elements is a pain when you accidentally grab other elements within close proximity, or accidentally move or delete items you want to remain in place. If this sounds familiar, you need to get in the habit of locking your page elements. It’s easy to do, and prevents you from inadvertently selecting, moving or deleting these items.

To lock a page element, select the item and choose Object > Lock > Selection. You can also press [command][2] ([Ctrl][2] in Windows). To unlock page items choose Object > Unlock All, or press [command][option]2 ([Ctrl][Alt]2 in Windows).

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Let Tool Hints be your guide! (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Posted on 7/27/18 8:37 AM by Get Schooled in InDesign

Even a seasoned pro can learn something new! For example, most tools behave differently when presented with a modifier key such as [command] or [option] ([Ctrl] or [Alt] in Windows). The trick is remembering what these additional alternatives are and what they do. You don’t have to rely on memory when you can open the Tool Hints panel, which dynamically changes to display a list of tips and shortcuts for various tools. Just choose Window > Utilities > Tool Hints to display the small panel. Then place it in an inconspicuous place while you work!

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How a Manager Becomes a Leader

Posted on 7/24/18 8:00 AM by Get Schooled in CLD

There are some managers who are afraid to have any of their people “outshine” them. They fear their own image will be somehow reduced. But this is like a great conductor avoiding having anyone in the orchestra who plays any instrument better than they do. It just doesn’t make sense. No conductor can possibly play every instrument that well that they would have anything but awful musicians in the chairs as a result.

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