Cisco - Quickly Remove Settings with a Config Command

Posted on 3/2/18 2:00 PM by Get Schooled in Cisco, in Information Technology, in Tips & Tricks

Modifying an interface configuration can be as tedious as picking white cat hair off a black cashmere sweater.
Typically, in order to remove unwanted items you have to go through each individual line and put “no” in front. If you need to completely re-do the configuration or are faced with a laundry list of changes, it is simpler and faster to restore the default configuration. Furthermore, it will reduce potential oversight errors.

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Embrace arrow functions to write clean, condensed code(JavaScript)

Posted on 3/2/18 1:15 PM by Get Schooled in code, in javascript, in tips and tricks, in Tips & Tricks, in arrow function

Clean Javascript Code Makes You Happy

Modern web developers are constantly working on ways to simplify the development process and streamline code. Not only does this make code easier to write, but efficient code doesn’t need a long explanation when working on team projects or passing the baton to a fresh developer. 

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Create digital lighting with HTML5 (HTML)

Posted on 3/1/18 5:24 PM by Get Schooled in html, in HTML5, in digital lighting

Amazing  Effects with the Canvas Tag

Electrifying lightning strikes are no longer limited to the night sky thanks to HTML5. Using the HTML5/CSS3 code provided here: as a basis for your own development, you can create custom high-energy lightning animations that have engaging elements of interaction.

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Configure the index to search custom columns (SharePoint)

Posted on 3/1/18 5:02 PM by Get Schooled in custom, in Microsoft, in SharePoint, in index, in Configure

Making Sharepoint User Friendly for search!

Custom columns are not searchable unless they are configured to be indexed. If you’re building custom columns and want to search them in the future, the fastest solution is to create them as site columns—which are indexed automatically. If you’ve gone too far for this option, you can index the custom columns by adding them to an established managed property.

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Call out your first line of text with a Drop Cap

Posted on 3/1/18 4:58 PM by Get Schooled in InDesign, in Adobe, in adobe indesign, in Tips & Tricks, in tools, in call out, in Drop Cap

Drop Cap with InDesign CC

When you want to draw attention to the start of a block of text, a drop cap is an excellent way to do so. Drop caps are easy to apply in InDesign. Plus, you can edit the drop cap’s physical features such as font face, style, and color, to give it a more stylized look.

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Microsoft Excel Order Of Operations

Posted on 3/1/18 2:31 PM by Get Schooled in Excel, in excel formulas, in Tips & Tricks, in Ex

Excel adheres to a strict order of operations when calculating formulas. Keep this order in mind when building formulas to ensure accurate results.

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Excel: The More You Know, the More You Grow

Posted on 3/1/18 3:58 AM by Get Schooled in Application, in Excel, in Microsoft, in Microsoft Excel, in New Horizons, in training

Many observers have noted that most people who use Excel probably know about 10% of what it can do. Those who learn how to use more extract far more value from Excel and become far more valuable to their employers. Here are some directions for learning and earning more with the world’s most powerful spreadsheet.

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Reminder: Office is a Suite – Do More When You Use the Tools Together

Posted on 3/1/18 3:34 AM by Get Schooled in Apps, in Microsoft, in Microsoft Office Suite, in New Horizons, in Office, in Suite

From the beginning when dynamic linking libraries (DLL) were new, all the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite were designed and meant to be used together, not just stand-alone. Learn how to leverage the linkage to dramatically expand what you can accomplish in Office.

Where do I begin?

Far from just the opening lyrics to the movie theme for “Love Story,” this is a question that many Microsoft Office users frequently ask themselves as they approach a new project.

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The Expanded Universe of Open Source on Azure

Posted on 3/1/18 3:05 AM by Get Schooled in Azure, in Information Technology, in Microsoft, in New Horizons, in Technical Training and Certification

After decades of open warfare on Open Systems, Microsoft has made it very clear that Azure loves Open Source and is an ideal platform for building your Open Systems environments. Here’s how this broadens the horizon for you, your employer, your clients, and the IT community.

Novell. Lotus. Linux. Open Source. Across the history of Microsoft, these were the well-known nemeses. The first two have faded into relative obscurity, but Linux and Open Source have taken a different path.

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Preparing Users for Digital Transformation

Posted on 2/28/18 11:57 PM by Get Schooled in Digital Transformation, in leadership development, in teach

No, we’re not thinking about turning people into cyborgs, but the concept of Digital Transformation is really not so much about technology as it is about how people use new and emerging technologies. As a professional technologist your clients gain more the more you guide them along the transformative path.

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